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2023 doesn't need to start off with another unsustainable workout plan or 30-day cleanse 

Instead, we want you to leverage the New Year momentum, the excitement of a reset, and your resolution inspiration to build SYSTEMS that can stay in place when motivation fades.

Here's The Truth About New Year's Goals

New Year Motivation Is FLEETING

 Most of us have a love-hate relationship with motivation: it's exciting, it gets us to try new things, and it is a powerful tool to inspire us to make healthy changes at the start of the year. But! What happens when that motivation fades?

The problem with depending on external motivation like the excitement of a new year, the quest of running your first 5k, or setting a goal to fit into certain clothes - it's a shaky foundation for long-term results.

That is why one of the first pieces of training we will focus on during our 6-day ANTI-Challenge is how to use internal motivation to get you to your goals (and how to know the difference between internal and external motivation!) 

Sticking To Your New Healthy Habits Past 90 Days Is HARD

Alright, truth time! Raise your hand if all the habits and changes you started in January 2022 are still consistent and present in your life right now 🙋‍♀️🙋 If you're like most people, your hand is probably NOT raised. In fact, most people quit their New Year's resolutions within the first couple weeks of January! Google has termed January 19th "Quitters Day." Why is that? It's not because you aren't disciplined enough, committed, or good enough. It's because what most of us tell ourselves we are going to do starting Jan 1st isn't a realistic game plan for when things "go back to normal," AKA the kids are back in school, work got hectic again, or there was an alien abduction at work ("Has anyone seen Gary?"). 
The ANTI-Challenge is here to teach you how to create a system that is not only in alignment with YOUR specific goals but is a sustainable plan that can stand the test of time... and, most importantly, is a healthy habit plan you actually ENJOY! 

Knowing What To Do or Where To Start Is OVERWHELMING

If you are overwhelmed by January 1st and all the change associated with it... you likely fall into one of two buckets

1. The Underpants Collecter

If you are an underpants collector (thank you, South Park, for this analogy!), you are likely over-researched and overly excited by all sorts of options and changes you can make in the New Year. Heck, that's why we are calling it the Anti-Challenge... there are SO many challenges, programs, diets, and professional opinions on what to focus on that it ends up being extremely difficult to finally pick what to do. It's then easy to become overwhelmed by all your choices. The healthy and fitness industry's plethora of plans would put the Cheesecake Factory menu to shame.

2. The Paralyzed Perfectionist

Alright, many of us nerds fall into this bucket because we are natural perfectionists. This is when you DO know what to do but are concerned about HOW to do it correctly. "I can't go to the gym because I don't know how to use the machines." Or you know what to do and how to do it, but you have all-or-nothing thinking, "I have a holiday party to go to on Wednesday, so I might as well not adjust my eating habits until next week."

The ANTI-Challenge will help you create automated systems that will adjust for busy weeks so you can keep consistent,
as well as modify workouts if you're ever unfamiliar with the given exercises.

And! If you do join us, post in the Facebook Group if you are guilty of underpants collecting or perfectionism!
(And don't worry, we all know what underpants collecting means... it'll be us nerds' little inside joke)

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