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Thursday, December 8th at 8PM Eastern

Unlock consistency (the key to lasting results) without a lot of time, energy, or motivation, and learn how to let go of guilt, shame, and overwhelm

when it comes to getting back in shape.
This FREE Live Group Coaching Call teaches practical tools (that we use in our 1-on-1 program) so you can overcome the hidden obstacles in fitness and nutrition.

Do You Ever Struggle With:

  • Consistency and commitment to a routine 
  • Maintaining (or finding) the motivation to make progress
  • Negative self-talk when you miss a workout or abandon your diet ("Why am I like this?")
  • Waiting for the "right time" to focus on health and fitness because you're barely treading water
  • Starting and stopping a workout or nutrition plan over and over and over and over
  • Knowing when you're challenging yourself vs pushing yourself too hard ("Am I doing it right?")
  • Being overwhelmed by "how far I have to go" to reach your fitness and health goals 
  • Comparing where you are NOW vs where you used to be ("This all use to be so easy")

Instead Of...

Feeling guilty if you miss a workout, ashamed if don't follow your diet, underwhelmed by your progress, frustrated that you don't have enough time in the day...

Learn How To...

Identify which of the 5 Subconscious Critics are holding you back, preventing you from staying consistent, minimizing your progress, and overwhelming you.

Learn why you have those specific Subconscious Critics so you understand how your automatic thought processes were formed

Replace and reprogram your current Subconscious Critics with the Inner Heroes that help you move towards your goals (instead of away from them) 

Make a NEW plan that is manageable (for your body AND mind), sustainable, and sets you up for long-lasting results where you don't have to do a complete 180 in your lifestyle and routine in order to feel good about yourself 

Join our Live Group Coaching Call so you can unlearn old habits that are keeping you stuck and get the exact step-by-step tools you need to launch into a happy & healthy 2023!

Yes! I want to smash my obstacles!

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